Courchevel - Alps

The Ski Club shoots its video


It was Monday, a bright sunny day, on a perfectly prepared slope and slalom course: the perfect day to start the Ski Club video shoot...

To present the Courchevel Ski Club, a video compiling the best moments of this season and retracing the course of its members was quickly imposed. The evenings organised, the meals and aperitifs taken in the Salon, the golf simulator opposite the Slalom Stadium... and then, of course, skiing, the Club's driving force and passion: the filming of these images had to be triggered when all the conditions were met, and that was this Monday. 

The adrenalin, the performance, the pleasure had to be felt in this film where our members, actors for a day, lent themselves to the game with panache and benevolence. On the Loze slope for an impeccable carving, on the Slalom Stadium for a perfect gate passage, on the Ski Club terrace for the rewarding effect: all these precious exterior images are now ready to be added to this video which will be released soon. To be continued...

A big thank you to our members / actors!