Courchevel - Alps

Ineos Club House Rental Contract

Between the undersigned

The lessor :

The Club des Sports de Courchevel, an association under the law of 1901, registered in the RNA under n°W731000184, Siret 776 495 657 00012, whose head office is BP10 - 83 rue du Park City - Courchevel 1850 - 73120 Courchevel, represented by its President Didier Barioz,

The tenant :

It is hereby determined and agreed as follows:

Article 1: Designation of the rented premises

The present contract concerns the Globe de Cristal room, the Stadium room located in the Ineos Club House, 83 rue Park City 73120 Courchevel as well as its outbuildings designated below:

  • Cloakroom/ reception
  • Equipped bar
  • Catering office
  • Terrace/balcony
  • World Cup meeting room
  • Golf simulator
  • Kids Club


Article 2: equipment made available to the hirer

The lessor undertakes to provide the lessee with the following equipment:

  • Giant screen 6 m x 3.40 m
  • 4 additional mobile 65' screens
  • Multi-broadcast sound system
  • Furniture :
    • 60 round tables 180 cm
    • 30 rectangular tables 183 cm
    • 30 stand-up lunches 84 cm
    • 500 chairs
    • Stage 4 m x 4 m
    • 10 sofas

This equipment must be returned in a clean and functional state. An inventory of this equipment will be made during the inventory of fixtures which will be drawn up on entering and leaving the room.


Article 3 Use of the rented room and opening hours

The hirer uses the room to organise .......... from ............. to ............. So that the inventory of fixtures can be drawn up on arrival, until .............. at ................

At the end of the rental period, the hirer must return the room at the time specified in the contract. Any additional hour will be invoiced at 300 € HT and any additional day at 3500 € HT.

The tenant undertakes to return the premises in the same condition as found at the time of the inventory of fixtures (excluding floor cleaning included in the contract)

Any additional decoration by the Hirer must be agreed in advance.

Any exceptional or unusual service provided by the hirer must be agreed in advance (fireworks, balloon release, arrival by helicopter, etc.)


Article 4: cleaning of the room and removal of equipment

The cleaning of the floor being included in the contract, the hirer undertakes to clean the outbuildings made available to his service providers: reception, bar, catering kitchen, terrace.

As the room is entirely glazed, the hirer undertakes to pay a flat fee of €500 excluding VAT for any significant soiling of the windows.

Any excessive soiling or damage requiring the intervention of a specialist company will be deducted from the deposit.

The removal of the equipment must be organised by the hirer who undertakes not to leave anything on the premises and to dispose of his waste in the appropriate places provided by the commune. The hirer undertakes to pay a fixed fee of €300 excluding VAT if he/she does not remove his/her waste.


Article 5: obligation of the lessor

The lessor is obliged to make the premises available to the lessee on the date and at the time agreed for the start of the lease.

The lessor is obliged to provide heating and electricity for the duration of the tenancy.

The lessor is obliged to offer a solution for delivery and access to the hall for the installation of additional equipment. In the event of a lift breakdown, the lessor shall provide a solution for transporting the equipment by snowmobile with trailer.


Article 6: obligation of the tenant

The hirer undertakes to pay a deposit, i.e. ..............€ in order to reserve the room, and the guarantee deposit, i.e. ................. on signing the present contract, the balance 2 weeks before the event, i.e. ................ on ...............

The hirer is obliged to provide the lessor with a certificate of civil liability to cover any damage that may be caused in the rented premises during the rental period.

The hirer is required to manage his external service providers and their deliveries. As the hirer is responsible for the event, the participants are therefore under his responsibility.

The Tenant undertakes to notify the Landlord as soon as possible of any damage or soiling observed during the rental period in order to anticipate possible repairs.

Any subletting of the room will only be allowed with the agreement of the lessor.

The Tenant undertakes to take note of the safety measures, and in particular the fire safety measures, before entering the rented premises.

The hirer undertakes to avoid any noise pollution outside the hall. The lessor declines all responsibility in the event of nuisance, accident or theft occurring during the rental of the room.


Article 7: cancellation condition

The hirer shall pay a deposit of 50 % of the room rental price in order to reserve the date. In the event of cancellation by the hirer, the deposit is non-refundable. In the event of cancellation by the lessor, double the deposit must be paid by the lessor.

The hirer shall pay the balance of the hire of the hall at least 15 days before the date of hire. In the event of cancellation by the hirer, the balance will not be reimbursed unless the hirer presents a certificate of insurance covering the rental risks. Once the balance has been paid, the lessor will not be able to cancel, except in cases of force majeure.

Done in Courchevel in two copies, on ...................

Name of the signatory lessor                                                     


Name of the signatory hirer
Didier Barioz